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I Made Some E-Cards(NSFW) by Jordan Zeh

I Made Some E-Cards(NSFW) by Jordan Zeh.


The Truth About Smoking Parody: Swear To God, Our First Viral Video. 406, 000 plus views. Not Bad.

The Truth About Smoking Parody: Swear To God, Our First Viral Video. 406, 000 plus views. Not Bad..

Ask A Nurse Call Zeh’s Godson Calls About Camel Toe

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Georgia Finally Figures Out How To Beat Florida. Infiltrate One Of Their Own As Coach.

It’s what most of us thought when The University of Georgia Bulldogs beat Florida for only the 4th time in the past 22 attempts. How?  The fact that Florida was in a rebuilding year under the direction of a new coach. Stop right there.  New coach.  Where is this coach from?  Georgia, where he lost 4 straight times against the Gators in the 90’s when Coach Spurrier changed everything about the series and started DOMINATION.  WILL MUSCHAMP is his name and he is a Georgia Bulldog.  Four years at safety for the University of Georgia which led Georgia coaches desperate for a way to beat Florida. “I didn’t think anyone would figure it out. I feel totally ashamed.  About as ashamed as I have felt losing to Florida most of my career,” said head coach Marc Richt.  “It was the drunken driver Athletic Director’s idea before he left.  Maybe Muschamp will get the head coaching job at Florida and let us win is what the drunken colored told me,” said Richt.  A full investigation is underway and could pose a forfeiture of win for UGA, although the penalty seems kinda harsh since they seldom win.