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College Degrees Not Valuable In Hell

Harriet Ames earned her college degree just days after her 100th Birthday making it the last goal on her “bucket list.”  Unfortunately, this will do no good according to Satan, leader of Hell, which ended up being Harriet’s final destination.  Satan says “a lot of people thought Harriet was soooooo great.  She wasn’t.  Only the good die young! Harriet was older than dirt.  And getting a college degree isn’t going to do her a bit of good down here.   Especially a degree in Education.  It’s a little too late to teach.”   Harriet’s family are still really proud regardless of whether the degree is useless or not.  Satan however took the time to poke more fun toward her way by saying “it was the last thing on her bucket list..I am glad she liked that movie because Hell is like The Bucket List movie playing over and over again.”

Harriet "will still burn in eternal damnation with her college degree" according to Satan.


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