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Mother Of Emo Child Just Wants Her Daughter To Look Fuckable

No shit! You see this!!!???

Being Emo just isn’t what it used to be.  At one point, being Emo meant you stood out and looked different. Not really, but okay. But definitely not anymore.  The popularity of being Emo is estimated than over one million strong.  Even companies such as Hot Topic have prospered all off this non-unique phase that kids are going though.

Emo teenager Sara Severson says “I thought I was the only one that liked Avenged Sevenfold but then I went a concert and it was packed.  I think they are popular and that sucks because I want to like them sooooo bad, but then I don’t want to love anything so I don’t know.  I guess I will hate them. I hate Nickleback for the same reasons.”   Sara will have only one year to hate them because she is about to turn 18.  Turning 18 is a big deal in the Emo World mainly because anyone not considered a “kid” looks absolutely fucking ridiculous being Emo.

However, that doesn’t bother little 14 year old Lucy Lathe because she finds nothing wrong looking like an idiot 364 days of year minus Halloween when Lucy finally seems to blend in.  “I am one of the very few people that actually get the true meaning of Twilight.”  Sure you are dummy.

Mothers and Fathers are probably getting excited that this “phase” may be running it’s course as it finally hits popularity that outnumbers rednecks, snobs, geeks, and preps combined.  “I am praying it’s the case.  I am hoping to give my daughter a makeover.  I don’t want to sound blunt.  But I want my daughter to luck fuckable” says 40 year old Pamela Robinson, mother of 17 year old Lisa Robinson.  One more year Pamela.  One more year, but maybe earlier if this “phase” runs out.

Pamela Robinson just wants her Emo daughter to look fuckable.


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