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Let Jon Ric Augusta GET THE UGLY OFF OF YOU!!!

Jon Ric Augusta is ready to give you YOUR NEW LOOK NOW! Call them 706-869-7755

I like to be blunt.  So, I will.  You are probably not happy about something with your appearance.  Get the ugly off of you by getting what I like to call “The Jon Ric Look.”

So, let’s go with weight first.  You are unhappy about your weight.  You have about 15 to 30 lbs to drop to look “perfect.”  You don’t have the money for liposuction from some expensive MD Plastic Surgeon.  Introducing Dr. Steven Tiernan.  He’s a M.D and is going to be a HELL OF A LOT less out of your pockets.  Same qualifications Same results.  No hospital.  Not with genius lipo(they call it smart lipo) but the name just does not do it justice.  A close friend of mine was a  bit overweight and had the procedure done and I witnessed the procedure’s benefits with my own eyes.  She was fit in 2 months.  She stuck with Dr. T’s diet(free of charge) and exercised to help the results as she was instructed but the weight drop and it dropped fast.  This can make a perfect gift to yourself or anyone that falls into this category.  Just done with a pregnancy and ready to get those pictures with the baby at your physical peak.  Give Dr. T a call!

Don't be a SASQUATCH. Call Jon Ric Augusta for Laser Hair Removal.

Sasquatch??? Don’t freak out that everyone is freaking out when you take off your clothes.  Let Jon Ric Augusta get YOUR HAIR DID.  Dr. T will get the hair in unwanted places that aggravate you with LASER HAIR REMOVAL and the girls in the Hair Salon will take care of  the hair on your head with the top hairstylists and image consultants.  Don’t know what style will look best on you? They will.  Let them style it and color it to give you a look that grabs attention and brings out your best features like eye color and skin tone.   Speaking of skin tone, Jon Ric Augusta has all of your skin needs and all of your products.  Botox, Juvederm Dermafillers, MicroDermabrasion are all handled by the top skin specialists in town.  They have all the top line products for skin and hair and is highlighted by their association with BUMBLE & BUMBLE.

NOW-let’s concentrate on that tattoo that you screwed up ON! More entertaining, let’s watch a video of Matt Stone getting his “f up” removed.

Visit Jon Ric Augusta online for all the services they offer or give them a call at 706 869 7755 or stop by the location on the map below.  I rarely endorse any type of business, but feel strongly about how confident I am with Jon Ric Augusta, Dr. and Lucille Tiernan, and staff that I highly recommend and endorse Jon Ric Augusta.  —–Jordan Zeh

Dr. Steven Tiernan and MY FAVORITE SPA SWEETHEART Lucille Tiernan, the brains behind Jon Ric Augusta

Jon Ric Augusta location.


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