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Zeh Loves Trip 3 Smoke Shop

What’s not to love??? Water pipes(politically correct), Alternative Jewelry, Movie Posters, Red Dawn Products including Zan-X, Purple Sticky Kraton and Salvia!!! Fucking A!!!   We had quite the snacks to munch down as we had the aromatherapy of Wild Berry incense. Check out some of the pics I took as Matt Stone and I, Augusta’s own Cheech & Chong went up in smoke at Trip 3 Smoke Shop on Wrightsboro Rd.  THANK YOU MIKE!!!!  Now—-come on—take a virtual tour of the store with me.

At the far left you can see a water pipe with a built in lighter that lights the chamber holding your tobacco. The red magic market is a "Trip." Trip 3 Smoke Shop is at Wrightsboro Rd.

Look at that selection. The hardest part of going to Trip 3 is deciding which ones(plural) you are going to buy!

I refer to this as "The Queen." Bow to your knees when you are in it's presence.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, so many to choose from...I'll take this one and that one and this one.

ExtenZe(yes, make your dork bigger and hard!), Red Dawn Products, Salvia, Zan X, and all of the products you will LOVE.


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