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The “Big One” Will Impact Los Angelas 06.12.10

Okay, I was always skeptical of “psychic abilities,” until I had a psychic on every Thursday on my radio show in Panama City Beach. Her name was Phyllis Golden And what really sold me is when she pinpointed the obscure location of my co-hosts runaway child. Add the feedback of listeners validating her predictions, I went from this segment being the dumbest I’ve ever had to the smartest segment because she was so helpful to others. Now, I have only had psychic abilities where I saw the future for times. I saw all of these during dreams that were reoccuring. Three were not big as far as eventful to mass amounts of people but one was the death of Dale Earnhardt hours before he wrecked. That’s what has freaked me out about this recurring dream I keep having about a world changing earthquake in Los Angelas on 06.12.10. The dreams total 4. They are eerily the same. The date is clear because it’s a Sept 11 type feel to it. You know the date because it’s all people watch and talk about. The things I see are horrible. So fucking horrible. I see images that when I google these “areas,” I get chill bumps because of how accurate the images are in my dreams and understand these areas are not well known so the fact that my subconcious has this knowledge is a no no. My biggest fear is that this is true for some reason. Just thought I would share. I admit that i’ve been really intrigued with the earthquake phenonoma but haven’t absorbed myself too much into it.
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One response

  1. jami

    dude, this is fucking powerful.

    March 12, 2010 at 12:11 am

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