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Black Panthers Boot Homosexual: Black Poodles Started

Logo for the new homosexual racist organization The Black Poodles, Gay Black Power.

Tyrone Washington III hates white people just as much as the other black panther. Unfortunately, his dream to be the most racist black panther ever has been short lived as the Black Panthers booted the 28 year old because he is an open homosexual.  “I fucking hate white motherfuckers.  I wish all those crackers and honkeys would die.  Fuck.” says the homosexual racist.  Introducing The Black Poodles.  The Black Poodles was founded by the 28 year old and he says “we will show you how to be a god damn racist motherfucker.  Gay black power bitches.”  The Black Poodles will have three simple messages.  Gay Black Power.  Kill Whitey.  Die Honkeys Die.   If you are gay and black and hate white motherfuckers, join the black poodles at,,


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