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Robert Pattinson To Legally Name Change To Edward Cullen

After Twilight ends it's saga, Robert Pattinson will most likely resume modeling career.

Starring in his first lead role other than the Twilight saga movies, Robert Pattinson watched “Remember Me” bomb at the box office over the weekend.  The film opened up 4th in total box office sales thus solidifying this film will be a complete failure.  “He’s not really a vampire???!!!” said Susan Lipton, 17 who went home disappointed and even cried as she looked at the poster of her hero, realizing he was not a vamprie.  Teenage girls weren’t the only ones feeling foolish because Lisa Torrens, a 39 year old mother of 2 said “he’s not really a vampire???!!!!.”  This sole critique is the reason the mushed nosed, creepy nippled actor is worried that females may be on to the fact that he is not good looking.  “I am considering changing my name to Edward Cullen” says the 23 year old actor.  “With all those MTV Movie Awards, I just thought I was really a great actor.”   Slow down there Robert Pattinson.  It was the MTV Movie Awards.  I think your only a few years away from truly starring in “Remember Me,” the story of your life.


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