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Austin Rhodes Teamed With Jordan Zeh For 1 Hour Show???: It Could Happen As Talks Become Serious

Hold your breath.   Breathe.  Take a deep breath.  Augusta’s TWO MOST CONTROVERSIAL MOUTHS could soon be hosting a show together.   Rest easy knowing that Austin will continue hosting his WGAC talk radio show while Jordan will continue cohosting his 95 Rock Raw program  but…..know that Austin Rhodes and Jordan Zeh are in talks about a possible one hour show with a format yet to be determined.  The conservative talk show host was a “rude dog” years ago on 96 RXR popular morning show “Joe Mama And The Rude Dogs” so don’t think he isn’t ready to join in on Zeh’s abrasive, dark humored style.   Entertainment?  Politics? Sports?  Music?  Comedic Bits?  The format for the show is rumored to have it all although no one is quite sure what politcal affiliation and alliance Zeh has.  Could Zeh be a liberal Democrat?  How much fun would that lead to?  We know that the talk show host is an avid Steeler fan while Zeh roots for the rival Patriots.  Regardless of the format,  the show will be a definite “hit” while drawing from the very large audiences both bring to the table.  In the meantime, please comment on a possible name for a show as well as what format you would like to see.


2 responses

  1. Fred McCoy

    how about, the hour of disagreement. or the “shut the fuck up show”. how about the Beasley bullshitters? I personally dont like political talk radio, so you would likely never catch me tuning into wgac for anything. I think Austin just wants to be another Rush Limbaugh. I think limbaugh should overdose on a bottle of “go fuck yourself” and drop into an anal-trauma induced coma. But, i suppose if I were loudmouthed as well as opinionated, then I could make millions by sitting in a room and telling ppl what I think, rather than actually acting on it. I hate politics anyhow. Its a joke. If you look at a situation and decide something, people disagree with it. If you decide to let people sway you, then you get bitched at for not standing firm on your decision, (well excuse me for changing my mind after learning new info.) But then, if you DON’T change your mind, ppl STILL accuse you of being closed minded and stubborn and pig headed, thinking that you have a God complex. You cannot win, and everything you try to do will be sabotaged by people who hate you because you think differently.

    March 25, 2010 at 8:14 am

  2. Sam Groover

    I would listen to this show. Also, Fred McCoy seriously needs to get laid.

    April 1, 2010 at 1:12 pm

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