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Mad Cows Demand Chick A Filet Open Sundays!!!

“MOO DAMNITT MOO!!!” screamed a pissed, angry, and mad Cow named Spot when a reporter asked him about Chick A Filet not opening on Sundays to honor the Sabbath set forth in the Bible.  “What the fuck is this asshole thinking?  Is this 2010….seriously…what are these fuckers thinking being closed on Sundays…they are acting like a bunch of cocksuckers?  Jesus himself would think this shit is stupid and would probably turn bread into Chick A Filet sandwiches if he was here.  I think I can speak for him when I say that Jesus would not be honored by this.  Just as pissed off as the rest of us when we drive to a Chick A Filet sandwich and see an empty parking lot and see that stupid God Damn sign that says “closed Sundays…MOO DAMNITT pun intended. BUT THIS IS BULLSHIT!”   Spot and the rest of the Mad Cows plan to picket until Chick A Filet reconsiders.


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