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Microsoft Wurd For Ebonics

Microsoft released a press statement to let millions of ebonic fans know that a Office software to help people structure ebonical sentences was underway.   The Office Software called “Microsoft Wurd” is expected to make millions of people spell words wrong on purpose.  Jerome Brown said “I don’t say that, I say dat motherfucker.”  Microsoft Wurd is set up to make changes for people to make them sound as uneducated as possible.  “The software is keyed to make you spell almost anything wrong and grammatical rules just do not apply at all with Wurd.  In no way form or fashion can Microsoft Wurd help you prepare a professional resume or cover letter to get you hired or improve your career unless you were applying for a job as a professional idiot.  It should be used for people that just want to look as dumb as possible or people too damn lazy to type extra letters.”


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