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Burnt Victim’s Wife Ruins Plans To “Roast” Burnt Victim.

After watching recent “Roast Of David Hasselhoff,” I am very eager to “roast” someone but no one would be easier to roast than my great friend, Bill Beaver.  The countless “jives” and “slams” about Bill’s physical appearance after his grease fire accident gives every roaster a plethora of insults.  However, Bill’s wife Paula  is being a complete bitch about the whole thing and ruining an entire night honoring her husband by saying the roast is a “bad idea.”  The cunt Paula commented that “Is Jordan Zeh fucking insane?  My husband is severely burnt and he wants to roast him!!! Roast.  Roast!!! God damnitt!!! The only people Zeh should honor is the doctors at Doctor’s Hospital that saved my husband Bill’s life. Jordan Zeh has a special place in Hell reserved from him that I am sure puts him in charge of more damned souls than Satan himself.”   As far as I am concerned, Paula has ruined any chance to sleep with me after this bullshit.   —-Jordan Zeh


One response

  1. Fleenor

    Don’t just not sleep with her because of that. A good hate fuck is good for the heart every once in a while.

    August 17, 2010 at 4:42 pm

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