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My Baby’s 25th Birthday Party! Playground. Saturday. 9pm. CraZeh with 2 Zeh’s Ready To Party.

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One response

  1. Mike Joseph Carroll

    December 16, 2010.

    This message is directed to Kent Dunn, Jordan Zeh, Matt Stone, and the Board of Directors of Beasley Broadcasting Group, Inc.

    Lady’s and Gentlemen;

    My name is Mike Joseph Carroll, I am an Irish Traveler and live in Murphy Village. As all are aware I have made a number of calls to 95 Rock and left messages in voicemail to Mr. Kent Dunn. It is my understanding Mr. Dunn has supervision over the programming content that 95 Rock offers to the general public in the CSRA. I have asked that he return my call so that we may speak of this and to voice my concerns and make him aware of the consequences of his broadcast. To date the only recognition I have receive is a mention on the radio that I was just a “Crazy Irish Traveler Man.” Is it crazy for my family and I to ask to be treated with common decency? Is it crazy to ask 95 Rock to discontinue its attacks? Is it crazy to ask to be heard and not ignored?

    Due to your continued broadcast my family and I have endured many wrongs. I have stood in my front yard as individuals have driven by screaming profanities such as; “Tipsy Gypsy,” “Thief,” “Con,” Village of the God Damned” as well as many others. My children have endured these attacks in school, on playgrounds and shopping malls. I have found work difficult to obtain because people far too often believe what they hear on the radio. History has proven that propaganda is a powerful tool in the hands of those who would use it to harm others.

    I am not crazy. I am not guilty of committing crimes. My children are not guilty of anything other then being children. Why do we deserve to be punished in this manner? Is it fair to punish the innocent to obtain higher ratings and a larger market share?

    PS. Please don’t create phony callers acting as if they are Irish Travelers in an attempt to prove your point. I have provided you with my phone number and e-mail address. I have proven who I am. Did your caller provide such proof? You spoke with him. Why won’t you speak with me?

    December 16, 2010 at 4:08 pm

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