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Rigger Mortis Ready To Create A Large Number Of Rigger Lovers

Rigger Mortis hopes to create "Rigger Lovers"

Halloween season is officially upon us, and that means lots of ghosts, ghouls, zombies, and vampires will be out and about ready to scare us all.  But no one is ready to scare more than 35 Year Old African American Zombie Rigger Mortis.  Rigger is a very scary African American Zombie that plans on calling 95 Rock Raw everyday leading up to Halloween as well as a few surprise visits at Plantation Blood and other live haunted house events in Augusta, Ga.  Rigger’s main goal is to scare people and then create what he has coined as “Rigger Lovers.”  “Rigger Lovers” is what da fuck I call motherfuckas who love Rigger Mortis.  I am da shit of motherfucking zombies and shit,” says the dead 34 year old smelly Rigger, who has worms and maggots crawling out of his brain.  If you plan on being a “Rigger Lover,” make sure you tune into 95 Rock Raw as Rigger is set to debut any day.


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