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Radio Hosts Give Tom Bosley Proper Honoring

Aces & Eights brought Tom Bosley back to life. A Pet Sematary was not needed!

95 Rock Raw host Jordan Zeh poses with Tom Bosley. He’s alive and well and he’s on Zeh’s listener’s arm.

Not very often does 95 Rock Raw with Jordan Zeh and Matt Stone become serious.  However, they were given NO CHOICE after the dark cloud hovering over the show caused emotional distress learning about the passing of one Tom Bosley, an American icon, hero, and the person most similar to Christ was gone.  First, Gary Coleman.  Now, Tom.  Besides Gallager, the 2 most important role models in comedy that Zeh and Stone had ever had.  After finding it hard to be comical on the day of Bosley’s passing, radio hosts Jordan Zeh and Matt Stone called their friends at Aces & Eights on Wrightsboro Rd to have one of their expert, highly gifted artists immediately prepare a tattoo honoring the comedic legend.  Within hours, a prototype was made.  Now—taking it the airwaves and social networking(, a listener responded saying that he would be the one that stepped up and got Tom Bosley’s portrait tat’d on him for life.  We know Tom Bosley was beeming down from Heaven smiling upon us.  Tom Bosley gave us the fucking hiccups and deserved this.  God Bless Wes!!! The listener that was able to say “thank you Jordan Zeh” …”thank you for making us laugh.”  There would be no Jordan Zeh with no Tom Bosley.


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