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New England Patriot’s Tom Brady Refuses To Make Asses Out of Rex Ryan and Antonio Cromartie: Update: Oooops!!! Jets upset Pats. haha

Tom Brady could loan Rex Ryan and Cromartie one and still have one ring left over.

Tom Brady continues to ignore Jets Leader Rex Ryan’s suggestion that Peyton Manning is a better preparer and studier than the soon to be NFL MVP.  Maybe Ryan is clueless of all of Peyton’s single season records being shattered by Brady. Maybe he has “blacked out” the ass kicking the last time the Jets played the Patriots.  They didn’t just “lose.”  They got humiliated.  You have to admire Brad’s humility not to wear all three of his Super Bowl Rings and blind Rex Ryan on the sidelines when the diamonds hit his still fat ass.  Maybe the soon to be 2 x NFL MVP and 2 x Super Bowl MVP and 3 time Super Bowl Champion just doesn’t have to say shit to either that fat tub of shit or Antonio Cromartie, who I had to google twice just to get his name right.  Who is he??? An All Pro in 2007!????  Yep….I guess you do hate someone that has been All Pro just about every year he has played barring injury.  So, to the Jets, and behalf of Patriots Nation—-I tell you Jets to “fuck off” and prepare for your ass kicking tomm at the hands of many but by the greatest Quarterback in the history in the NFL…who will soon join Montana and Bradshaw as the only ones with 4 rings.  And oh yes—-there will be more….more rings….because this team is unbeatable and not even close to what you will see next year!!! Giddy up Jets….you will soon be in the Playoffs—-if some nerd uses your team on their XBox to play some Madden.  Until that—suck on the 3 rings up top!!!


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