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Facebook Policing. Just Listen!


American Express Presents My Pitch Tribeca Contest Just Got Easier To Vote For Me! 10 Seconds Of Your Life.

After 10 seconds, in each of the following videos, a “pop up” will come on the video with a thumbs up or a thumbs down….green thumb it up!, and you are done.  While I encourage you to enjoy both movie pitches, for both made it to Round 2, if you do not have time to vote for both, then vote for Heaven 2 Hell.  It’s simply more “safe” for American Express but if you do have time, then take 20 seconds and vote for BOTH. wth!  Most importantly, SHARE THE LINKS ON YOUR FACEBOOK, TWITTER, AND MY SPACE.  Thanks for your help! in advance….looks like we are in great shape but must continue this campaign to seal the fate.   You can always just share this one article that has it all for everyone that is

Heaven 2 Hell—  Share on Facebook, My Space, and Twitter  copy and past the URL below.  Thanks!

Cream Of The Crop —- Share the URL below on your Facebook, My Space, or Twitter